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Furniture Clinic Heat Mark & Water Stain Remover Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Heat marks and water stains on wood are quite common. Use this specialist product to remove heat marks and watermarks from wood.

Heat Mark & Water Stain Remover

Heat Mark & Water Stain Remover

Safely removes all water marks & heat marks from wood

Softens the existing lacquer on the wood allowing the trapped moisture to escape and then re-sets to a perfectly hard wearing & flawless finish.


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About the product

The heat mark and water stain remover works on all wooden surfaces with a nitro-cellulose lacquer. The product works by safely dissolving the lacquer allowing the trapped moisture caused by water, alcohol or heat to escape. The product then starts to re-work the lacquer and within a few hours it sets back to normal giving you a hard wearing and flawless finish.

Watermark on wood
Spraying on the Water Stain Remover
Stain Removed from the wood

Simply spray the Heat Mark & Water Stain Remover on the stained area and watch it disappear

Water marks & alcohol marks

Water & alcohol can get trapped under the lacquer on the wood causing white hazy marks to appear. These marks appear as blooms on the finish. When sprayed onto the wood, the product releases the trapped moisture removing the stain.

Ring marks

Hot objects often cause watermarks on wood in the shape of rings. When you place a hot object on a wooden surface, the heat can cause condensation beneath the lacquer that appears in the shape of the hot object that was placed down, e.g. a cup leaves a ring. This is simply trapped water moisture and is removed when the product is sprayed onto the wood.

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Suitable For:

Suitable for removing marks from tables, chairs, desks, work tops and other wooden furniture or fixtures that are finished with a nitro-cellulose lacquer. Heat Mark & Water Stain Remover is ideal for tackling

tick Water Marks
tick Alcohol Marks
tick Heat Marks

Not suitable for woods that have oil or waxed finishes.

If you have water stains or heat marks on these types of wood, use the Wood Cleaner to remove them.

Coverage & Shelf Life:

150ml of this product should provide a quantity sufficient to deal with multiple heat marks or water stains on your wooden furniture. The amount of product used for each stain will vary with each application depending on the thickness of the lacquer and the severity of the damage.

If stored upright, in original container and in a cool, dry place, the Heat Mark & Water Stain Remover has a shelf life of approximately 2 years

Before & After Photos


Our customer was going to chop this table up if we couldn't get rid of the steam iron marks. Chris applied a treatment for this and both he and the customer stood back in utter amazement as the marks faded away over a matter of 3 mins. In the process the glossy surface also returned to its original lustre.


Do not use at room temperatures below 20°C, or at a humidity exceeding 70%, as otherwise surface will turn 'white'.

Step 1.

Clean the wood thoroughly to ensure all grease, polish, maintenance products and dirt have been removed. These contaminants will act as a barrier on the wood preventing the spray from working properly, so it is very important you work on a clean surface.

Step 2.

Always test on a inconspicuous area before treating the stain. Spray the product onto the stained area in an even coat so the surface becomes slightly wet. Note: when spraying onto a vertical surface, apply a very thin coat to avoid runs.

Step 3.

Leave for 30 minutes and if the stain is still visible, re-apply another coat.

Step 4.

When the stain has gone, wait for 3 hours before touching the area to allow the product to thoroughly cure the lacquer. Afterwards, the wood can be maintained in the same way as before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i use the Heat Mark & Water Stain Remover on any wooden surface?

As long as the wood does not have an oil or wax layer (from polish or treatment) on the surface, the Heat Mark & Water Stain Remover can be used to treat the problem area. If there is a wax or oil layer, then you must use Wood Cleaner to remove the mark.

Do i have to prepare the wood in any way before applying the Heat Mark & Water Stain Remover?

It is important to clean the wood thoroughly before using the Heat Mark & Stain Remover, taking care to remove any dust, dirt, grease or polish from the area being treated. This can be done quickly and easily using our Wood Cleaner.

Can i continue to clean and maintain my wood as normal after using the Heat Mark & Water Stain remover?

Yes, once you have removed the stain/mark and given it sufficient time to cure, 3 hours is recommended, you can clean and maintain your wood as normal. Our Wood Cleaner and Wood Oil are perfect for cleaning and protecting any wooden surface.

How does the Heat Mark & Water Stain Remover work?

Essentially, the water stains and heat marks on your wooden furniture, are areas of moisture trapped under the surface of the lacquer (or marks on the lacquer itself). The Heat Mark & Water Stain Remover works by breaking down and removing the lacquer to remove the mark and release the moisture trapped underneath. It then replaces this layer of lacquer and seals it when cured, restoring the look it had before the mark or stain.


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Carol Staden

Amazing Product

I had a heat mark on my dining room table and tried all the household remedies with not very good results, anyway it comes in a spray and the result is amazing in a short time my table is perfect and would definately recommend this amazing product

Yes, I recommend this product.

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