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Why choose Furniture Clinic - 1st Year Servicing & Repair Services

"Worthy of Note"

We take on work from anyone, anywhere in the UK. Whether you are a business or a member of the public, if you are in need of a repair or restoration, we have a solution for you.

Many of our customers come to us based on our reputation for quality and service, word of mouth is responsible for a large part of the work we do. As such we have attracted many high profile clients and projects in the past. Here is a selection of but a few:

  • Durham Castle - We are commisioned on a regular, ongoing basis by Durham Castle to clean and re-wax their furniture.

  • BBC TV - DIY SOS, Furniture Clinic recoloured an old, neglected leather sofa as part of a room renovation for an episode in 2009.

  • Royal Wedding - Furniture Clinic Restored the Interior of a lancaster bomber and spitfire that formed part of a 'flyover' during the ceremony.

  • Individual Restaurant Company - Working in restaurants such as Piccolino, The Restaurant Bar & Grill and Bank, we regularly refurbish and reupholster furniture and create high-end, leather menus and placemats for their new restaurants.

  • Marriot Hotels - We work with multiple marriott locations in the UK to maintain their furniture.

Furniture Clinic Restore Sofa for DIY SOS
BBC DIY featured FC in an episode recoloring a leather sofa
Tables polished for Durham Castle using our Beeswax.
Tables polished for Durham Castle using our Beeswax.
Furniture Clinic Repair Service - Roayl Wedding  Leather Plane Interior Restoration
FC were commsioned to restore a lancaster bomber and spitfire used in the royal wedding flyover.

Quality Workmanship

Each and every Furniture Clinic technician in highly skilled and experienced in the care, repair and maintenance of items made from leather, fabric or wood. Take a look at some examples of the kind of work we carry out every day

Furniture Repairs

Leather Sofa Restoration - Colour Loss & Cracking
Sofa Restoration Before
Leather Sofa Restoration After - Cracking Repair and Colour Replacement
Sofa Restoration After
Leather Repair - Tear in Leather Arm
Arm Repair Before
Leather Sofa Repair - Tear repair after
Arm Repair After

Car Interior Repairs

Leather Car Bolster Repair - Car Seat Tear & Colour Loss
Car Bolster Repair Before
Leather Car Seat Restoration After - Repaired and Coloured
Car Bolster Repair After
Leather Car Interior Restoration - Leather Seat Cracking & Colour Loss
Car Interior Restoration Before
Leather Car Interior Restoration - Completely Restored, cracking repair and recoloured.
Car Interior Restoration After

Other Services

Convertible Roof Dye - Soft Top Restoration Before Image
Convertible Roof Restoration Before
Convertible Roof Dye Kit - Soft Top Restoration After Image
Convertible Roof Restoration After
Leather Sofa Colour Change - Changing the colour of a leather sofa after image
Sofa Colour Change Before
Leather Sofa Colour Change - Changing the colour of a leather sofa before image
Sofa Colour Change After


As well as the thousands of public customers we serve every year, we have also built up an enviable list of well known brands that we count amongst our customers, the logo's below provide a sample of the kinds of organisations and businesses that enjoy the quality of service that we pride ourselves on.

Furniture Clinic Customers - Barker & Stonehouse
Furniture Clinic Customers  - DFS
Furniture Clinic Customers - John Lewis
Furniture Clinic Customers  - Harveys Furniture Store
Furniture Clinic Customers - Sofaworks
Furniture Clinic Customers - Dunhill
Furniture Clinic Customers - Individual Restaurant Company
Furniture Clinic Customers - Jaguar Enthusiasts Club
Furniture Clinic Cutomers - Rolls Royce
Furniture Clinic Customers  - Royal Air Force
Furniture Clinic Customers - Radley
Furniture Clinic Customers - Jimmy Choo
Furniture Clinic Customers - Royal Albert Hall
Furniture Clinic Customers - Marriott Hotels and Resorts
Furniture Clinic Customers - STS
Furniture Clinic Customers - Battles

To see more examples and get more details on our individual branches, click here

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