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Furniture Clinic Tampico Brush Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Specialist leather cleaning brush to deep clean into the grain of leather making it look cleaner more easily

Tampico Brush

Tampico Brush

High-quality carpet, fabric and leather cleaning brush. Agitates fibres to release ingrained dirt with ease.

  • Gentle way to clean deep down into leather's grain to release dirt easily
  • Use to agitate fabrics, loosening clung on dirt

  • Ideal for use with Leather Ultra Clean on difficult leather surfaces


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About the product

For Cleaning Leather

The Tampico Brush makes cleaning leather extremely easy.

The Tampico Brush is a special brush used to deep clean into a leather's grain to lift dirt easily. This product is highly recommended for light coloured leathers, where the dirt can become deeply ingrained and hard to remove. This specialist brush makes easy work of cleaning leather.

For Cleaning Carpets & Upholstery

Used to agitate the fibres of carpets and fabrics to help the fabric cleaner & spotter to remove stubborn dirt, stains and grime; the Tampico Brush can be used in this application for general cleaning or stain removal.


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D Moreno

Great service and great products!!!

Great service and great products!!!

Yes, I recommend this product.