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Upholstery Leather Repair
Automotive Leather Repair
Automotive Re-Trimming
French Polishing & Wood Repair
Colour Matched Hides
Panel Replacements
1st Year Servicing
Contract Upholstery
Leather Care Products
Cleaners & Conditioners
250ml Saddle Clinic Leather Revive
Leather Care Kit
Leather First Aid Kit
Leather Handbag Care Kit
Leather Mousse
Leather Protection Cream
Leather Protection Cream + Silver
Leather Revive
Leather Ultra Clean
Leather Wipes
Saddle Soap Cleaner
Saddle Soap Conditioner
Tampico Brush
Ink & Stain Removers
Leather Degreaser
Leather Ink Remover
Leather Stain Remover
Mould Remover
Spew Remover
Urine & Odour Remover - Neutralise & Eliminate odours
Dyes & Restoration
Antique Finish Kit
Easy Leather Restoration Kit
Faded Leather Restoration Bundle
Leather Colourant Kit
Leather Finish Kit
Leather Re-Colouring Balm
Saddle Clinic Leather Recolouring Balm
Shoe Colouring Kit
Shoe Shine & Colour Restorer
Leather Repair
Leather Repair & Touch Up Bundle
Leather Repair Kit
Leather Repair Touch Up Kit
Suede Care
Suede & NuBuck Cleaner
Suede & NuBuck Handbag Care Kit
Suede & NuBuck Protector
Suede Cleaning Brush
Leather Aroma
Leather Aroma Gel (100ml)
Leather Aroma Spray
Sponge & Cloth Bundle
Professional Leather Products
Cleaners & Removers
Acid Wipe
Alcohol Cleaner
Leather Prep
Liquid Leather Degreaser
Pro Ink Remover
Pre-Coats & Repairers
Adhesion Promoter
Grain Copier
Grain Repair
Heavy Filler
Leather & Vinyl Weld (50ml)
Leather Binder
Leather Glue PU
Leather Glue SB
Colours & Top Coats
Cross Linker X
Dye Fixative
Leather Colourant
Leather Dye
Leather Finish
Leather Sealant
Matting Agent
Self Seal Colourant
Professional Repair Kits
Colour Matching Kit
Leather Dye Kit
Leather Renovation Kit
Mini Leather Repair Kit
Pro Leather Cleaning Kit
Pro Leather Repair Kit
Training Courses & Aids
8 x Magnification Linen Tester
Colour Matching User Guide and Swatch Booklet
Leather Repair Training Manual
Leather Restoration Seminar
Leather Types Swatch Booklet
Professional Leather Training Courses
1 Litre Bottle
150ml Foaming Bottle
250ml Bottle
500ml Bottle
50ml Bottle
Castor Cups - 4 Pack
Cleaning Sponges
Dual Cartridge Respirator
Easy Dispense Nozzle
Floor Protector Felt Pads 27 Pack
Lint Free Cotton Cloth
Microfiber Cloth 4 Pack
Mini Scales
Nitrile Protective Gloves
Solvent Resistant Gloves
Terry Towels
Trigger Spray
Repair Tools
Fabric Repair Sub Patch
Heat Gun
Heat Paper
Heat Sealing Iron
Plastic Palette Knife
Sanding & Prep Equipment
1200 Grit Sandpaper
320 Grit Sandpaper
3M Scotch-Brite Abrasive Hand Pad
Abralon Sanding Pads
Spraying Equipment
30ml Mixing Cup
Airbrush Propellant Can
Mini Air Compressor
Paint Filters
Paint Stirrer
TG2 Pro Spray Gun
Wood Care Products
Wood Cleaners
Wood Cleaner
Wood Reviver
Wood Wax Care Kit
Wood Oils & Waxes
Beeswax Polish
Boiled Linseed Oil
Wood Oil
Wood Repair Products
Hard Wax Repair Kit
Heat Mark & Water Stain Remover
Soft Wax Repair Kit for Wood
Flooring Protection
Fabric Care Products
Cleaners & Protectors
Fabric Care Kit
Fabric Cleaner & Spotter
Fabric Handbag Care Kit
Fabric Protector
Shoe Clinic Stain & Water Repellent
Stain Removers
250ml Saddle Clinic Mould Remover
Fabric Stain Removal Kit
Remove It! Paint, Oil, Dye & Pen Stain Remover
Remove It! Red Wine, Curry & Drinks Stain Remover
Remove It! Tea & Coffee Stain Remover
Kale-9 Fabric Sprayer
Paints & Dyes
Convertible Roof Restoration Kit
Fabricoat Fabric Paint
FabriCoat Sprayer
FabriCoat Upholstery Kit
Penetrating Solution
Mattress Protectors
Premium Mattress Protectors
Premium Mattress Protector
Premium Pillow Protector
Luxury Mattress Protectors
Luxury Mattress Protector
Luxury Pillow Protector
Help Centre
Furniture Clinic Q&A: Answering Your Most Popular Questions
Furniture Clinic Restores the Legendary 'Return of The Saint' Jaguar XJ-S
How To Change The Colour Of A Leather Sofa
How To Change The Colour Of Leather Car Seats
How To Clean Aniline Leather
How To Clean Classic Car Interiors
How to Clean Leather
How To Remove Ink Stains From Leather
How To Remove Stains From Leather
How To Repair a Burn In Leather
How To Repair a Cut In Leather
How To Repair a Tear In Leather
How To Repair Cat Scratches On Leather
How To Repair Scuffs & Scratches On Leather
How To Restore A Convertible Roof
How To Restore A Leather Car Interior
How To Restore Leather
How To Restore Shoe Shine
How to Soften Leather
Ask Craig
Leather Problem Solver
Training Courses & Aids
Stain Removal Chart
All About Leather
Colour Charts
Colour Mixing Chart
Fluorescent Colour Chart
Metallic Colour Chart
Pearlescent & Sparkle Finishes
Standard Colour Chart
Alfa Romeo Leather Trim Colour Chart
Bentley Leather Colour Chart
BMW Leather Trim Colour Chart
Jaguar Leather Trim Colour Chart
Land Rover Leather Colour Chart
Mercedes Leather Colour Chart
Rolls Royce Leather Colour Chart

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