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Furniture Clinic Shoe Shine & Colour Restorer Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Easy to use shoe shine and colour restorer. No mess, doesn’t dry out and is very easy to apply. Restores the colour and shine to all leather shoes.

Shoe Shine & Colour Restorer

Shoe Shine & Colour Restorer

Quick and easy solution for restoring colour and shine to leather shoes.


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About the product

We developed this product on special request from a shoe chain in Asia. Traditional shoe polish dries out, is flaky, difficult to apply & messy; so we were given the task of developing a new product to suit the needs of modern day leather.


Wax Based – Feeds, nourishes, softens & protects leather.

Safe To Use – Water Based so can be used on all items of footwear without causing any damage and without a strong odour.

Easy To Apply – Thick cream is rubbed into the shoe with the lid applicator sponge.

No Mess – The cream is applied onto the leather without flaking off or the need to be brushed like traditional shoe polish.

Doesn’t Dry Out – Stays soft and easy to use in the jar.

Suitable For:

Leather Shoes, Boots and Footwear

Can be used on all types of leather except Suede/NuBuck.

Aniline & Semi-Aniline Leather
Pigmented Leather
Oil & Wax Pull Up Leather
BiCast Leather
Two Tone, Mottled & Antique Finished Leather

It works great in replacement of traditional shoe polish, but more importantly it can be used for more delicate and natural leather shoes, boots & footwear where you wouldn’t previously have used a shoe polish.

Coverage & Shelf Life:

One 50ml jar is enough to:

Shine & restore colour to a pair of shoes over 50 times!

Stored in a cool dry place, Shoe Shine & Colour Restorer will not go hard or dry out. It will last for years.


Step 1.

Remove the sponge applicator from the lid and dip it into the cream.

Step 2.

Rub the sponge into the shoe ensuring all areas of leather are evenly covered with product.

Step 3.

Leave for 5 minutes and buff with a clean cloth. The more you buff, the higher the shine can be restored.

How To Restore Shoe Shine

Colour Chart



Dark Brown

Med Brown




Navy Blue

Light Blue




Pine Green

Pale Green

Dark Grey

Light Grey






NOTE: Each colour as you can see is split into three shades, this is to indicate that each colour cream works on those different shades of the colour, i.e. from a light to dark shade. So the more cream you apply, the darker the leather becomes, this is why you are able to achieve varying shades of a colour.


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