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Furniture Clinic Shoe Clinic Stain & Water Repellent Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Shoe Clinic Aerosol Protector is a powerful and easy to apply protection solution for any item of footwear and clothing or accessories. When sprayed it applies a robust barrier that effectively repels water and staining, water-proofing your item and protecting it from liquid based contaminants.

Shoe Clinic Stain & Water Repellent

Shoe Clinic Stain & Water Repellent

Easy to apply, spray on protector, forming an invisible 100% water-proof and stain repellent barrier without compromising the item's look and feel.


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About the product

Shoe Clinic Stain & Water Repellent is an easy to apply, quick drying solution that renders any item of footwear, clothing or accessory 100% water proof. 

Taking the form of an Aerosol that is sprayed directly onto the surface being treated, it dries rapidly to form an invisible, robust barrier that effectively repels all water and staining without changing the look or feel of the item.

After treatment all oil and water based liquids will bead up on the surface and will simply run off or can be wiped away with minimal effort. 

Highly Effective Protection Against:

  • Rain & Water
  • Wine
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Juices
  • All oil based liquids

Suitable For:

Leather ShoesLeather JacketHandbag

Stain & Water Repellent is suitable for use on any material; fabric or leather and is ideal for use on:

Shoes and other Footwear
Handbags and Accessories

Coverage & Shelf Life:

Once 150ml can of Shoe Clinic Stain & Water Repellent is enough to:

Completely protect a pair of shoes or boots many times over

Protect an average sized handbag 3-4 times

Thoroughly protect a jacket or coat made from any fabric

Usage may vary based on the material, frequency of use and size of item being treated.


Step 1.

Shake can thoroughly, this will ensure the solution is distributed as evenly as possible within the propellant and provide a more even coat, resulting in more effective consistent protection. This is particularly important if the aerosol can has been sitting idle for some time before use.

Step 2.

Before attempting to treat the entire surface it is always advised, as with any other protection or cleaning solution, to test the product on a small, inconspicuous area of the item, for colour fastness and any material effects.

Step 3.

Ensure that the entire surface being treated is clean and dry, contaminants on the surface or wet areas may compromise the ability of the protector to for an effective barrier.

Step 4.

Spray the Water and Stain Repellent directly onto the surface of the item until it appears damp, do this across the entire surface and allow to completely dry.


With a thorough coat, using the process above, your item will be 100% water and stain proof. Please note, in order to provide constant, complete protection, further applications should be applied to maintain the protective barrier. it is recommended that you reapply at least once per month in order to ensure total protection.


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