Mould Removal for Equestrian Leathers.

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Furniture Clinic 250ml Saddle Clinic Mould Remover Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Saddle Clinic Mould Remover is a powerful anti-mould agent, perfect for the equestrian market and will eliminate mould on contact when applied to saddles, tack and any other equestrian item

250ml Saddle Clinic Mould Remover

250ml Saddle Clinic Mould Remover

Specifically formulated to eliminate and prevent regrowth of mould on saddles, tack and riding gear.

The product also helps to remove odours caused by mould, mildew, food, bacteria and other organic substances.


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About the product

  • Powerful all in one mould remover, suitable for use on saddles, tack and any other equestrian item
  • Eliminates mould, bacteria and associated odour on contact
  • Prevents mould growth from recurring

Saddle Clinic Mould Remover is a highly effective mould removal agent on the surface of saddles or any other riding gear, on contact. Specifically designed to remove mould and prevent its re-growth, it is an ideal solution for the inevitable build-up of the mould when equestrian equipment is in storage.

As well as killing the mould itself, it also aids in the removal of all associated odours including, mildew, liquids & bacteria.

Suitable For:

Saddle Clinic Mould Remover eliminates mould on all surfaces including;



All other equestrian clothing and equipment

By eliminating the bacteria and fungal growth & spores, it not only removes the original growth but will also stop the mould from recurring.

Coverage & Shelf Life:

250ml is enough to: 

Thoroughly treat any saddle, multiple times over.

The product is specially treated to resist bacterial growth and will safely last 5 years if stored in a cool cupboard with the lid fastened.


Step 1. 

Always test on an un-seen area before use.

Step 2. 

If the surface is thick with mould clean the excess off using a cloth.

Step 3.

Spray Saddle Clinic Mould Remover directly onto the contaminated area and leave for 10-15 minutes.

Step 4.

Rinse the surface with clean water, or if applying to leather, wipe the surface down with a slightly wet cloth.

Step 5.

Repeat the process if necessary.


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