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Furniture Clinic Pro Ink Remover Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Pro Ink Remover is a powerful formula designed with the leather care technician in mind. It provides a fast and effective ink removal solution for Leather.

Pro Ink Remover

Pro Ink Remover

Highly Effective Solution for Removing Stubborn Ink Stains


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About the product

Pro Ink Remover is a highly effective solution for the removal of all ink based staining on leather.

Designed with the professional technician in mind, this product removes ink with ease, whether it is permanent marker on a sofa or biro on a leather car interior, Pro Ink Remover is the perfect solution. 

Note: This product is a particularly potent ink removal agent and in some cases can strip away small areas of colour and finish from the leather, both colour and finish may need to be re-applied after use. 

Despite its effectiveness the Pro Ink Remover uses a water based formulation and does not use any harsh solvents, so is safer to use and more environmentally friendly than other commonly used Ink Removers.

Suitable For:

Leather Sofa, Armchair, Chairs and FurnitureLeather Car Seat or InteriorHandbagLeather Shoes, Boots or FootwearLeather Jacket or Clothing

Leather Ink Remover is perfect for removing all types of ink from leather surfaces, including;

Permanent Ink Stains

Ball Point Pen Stains

Felt Tip Pen Stains

Fountain Pen Stains

Coverage & Shelf Life:

Actual coverage will depend on the size of the stain and type of ink being treated, but as a general guide 50ml of Pro Ink Remover should be sufficient to remove multiple ink stains.


Step 1.

Take a cotton wool bud and dampen with Pro Ink Remover


Step 2.

Gently roll the bud over the stain until stain is removed.

(For larger stains, the product is best applied using a Lint Free Cloth and a blotting action to remove the ink)


Step 3.

When stain is removed, the areas should be cleaned with Leather Ultra Clean and protected from future staining with Leather Protection Cream.


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