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Furniture Clinic Remove It! Paint, Oil, Dye & Pen Stain Remover Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Removes paint, oil, dye and pen stains from all carpets, clothes & upholstery. A specialist stain remover used by professionals and consumers.

Remove It! Paint, Oil, Dye & Pen Stain Remover

Remove It! Paint, Oil, Dye & Pen Stain Remover

Quick, safe & effective stain remover for paint, oil, dye & pen stains.

  • Completely removes stubborn paint, oil, grease & ink stains.
  • Suitable for use on practically any fabric, even delicates such as wool and silk.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Ideal for use on furniture, clothing and carpets.
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    About the product

    A specialist cleaning solution used for removing paint, oil, grease, ink (including permanent ink) & dye stains from carpets, clothes & upholstery.  This is a solvent based stain remover and works by emulsifying the stain so that it can be easily absorbed with a piece of cloth.

    Suitable For:

    Sofa, Armchair, Chairs and FurnitureCar Seat or InteriorHandbagShoes, Boots or FootwearJackets or Clothing

    The 'Remove It' Paint, Oil, Dye & Pen Stain Remover' is suitable for use on any item made from fabric or textiles, including; furniture & upholstery, clothes, car interiors, handbags, footwear and  carpets. It's even safe to use on delicates such as wool and silk. The only fabric that it should not be used on is Flock fabric. 

    Dye Transfer stains

    Any oil based stain



    Coverage & Shelf Life:

    Typically a 100ml bottle should be sufficient to tackle multiple marks or stains. However, coverage may increase or decrease depending on the size and stubbornness of the stains being tackled.

    If kept in a cool, dry place, with the lid tightly fastened, it will last for years in terms of its effective, usable life. It is advised that in instances where the product has been sitting on the shelf for long periods without being used, that it is shaken well before applying to a stained area.


    Step 1.

    Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area before proceeding. Check for dye stability, colour change and texture change.

    Apply some Stain Remover onto a piece of Terry Towel and blot the stain, always dabbing from the outside of the stain to the centre. DO NOT RUB. The stain will be weakened by the cleaner and absorbed by the cloth. Repeat this procedure until the stain has gone.

    Step 2.

    Clean the area with the Fabric Cleaner & Spotter and then rinse with warm water to remove excess cleaning residues.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will the Remove It! Paint, Oil, Dye & Pen Stain Remover damage the fabric it is applied to?

    No, although it is a very powerful fabric stain remover, formulated to tackle very stubborn stains, it is actually quite gentle to the fabric structure it is applied to. The solvents mix and cleaning agents used are specifically chosen to be kind to fabrics, as such they are even suitable for use on delicate fabrics such as wool or silk.

    The only fabric it should not be used on is Flock, as this type of fabric is produced using a solvent adhesive, which will react with the solvents in the Remove It! Paint, Oil, Dye & Pen Stain Remover and cause adverse effects.

    Will it remove all inks, including permanent marker from my fabric?

    Yes, Remove it! Paint, Oil, Dye & Pen stain remover will take care of any ink stains or marks on your fabric, including permanent marker.

    Will it completely remove any stain with one application?

    In many cases, particularly where the stain has not been there for longer than a day or two, one application will be sufficient to completely remove the stain. However, some stains are just more stubborn than others, especially when they have been left for some time, and some fabrics allow the stain to penetrate deeper or quicker, in these cases you can simply repeat the stain removal process as laid out in the instructions until your stain is completely gone.

    Can I clean and protect my fabric as normal after using the Remove It! Paint, Oil, Dye & Pen Stain Remover?

    Absolutely, after the stain is removed and the area has dried it is highly recommended that you regularly clean and maintain your fabric with our Fabric Care Kit. This will ensure your fabrics are protected from future staining and enable you to easily wipe away spills and stains when they do occur going forward.


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    Julie Pringle

    Works like a treat

    My darling hubby trailed white paint on his feet right through the lovely dark burgundy hall carpet. I discovered this produce and thought I might as well give it a try. It has worked miracles, removing the paint completely without a trace, and no colour removal from the carpet either. It also got out some little paint marks that have been there for years with just as much effect. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Just be prepared to keep dabbing and reapplying until eventually the paint will become liquid and come right out.

    Yes, I recommend this product.

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