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Furniture Clinic Matting Agent Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Used to reduce the gloss level of paints. Available for water based and solvent based paint.

Matting Agent

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Matting Agent

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A specialist product that is added to the Leather Colourant to reduce the level of gloss.

As you stir Matting Agent into the Leather Colourant you will notice a reduction in shine that will help to blend your colour match in with the leather much better.

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About the product

Matting Agent is a thick, water based dulling agent used to reduce the gloss level of the Leather Colourant. Mixing the product directly into the Leather Colourant will reduce the shine on the leather greatly improving the accuracy of a colour match. Adding the Matting Agent not only improves colour matches, it will also make matching a colour a lot quicker.


Mix the matting agent into your colourant and stir or shake very well to thoroughly mix. Always add small quantities of matting agent to slowly reduce the sheen, if you overdo it there is no going back!

The Matting Agent is a product used to reduce the shine of leather colourants. It cannot be used on its own or as a top coat finish. Do not exceed putting more than 50% matting agent into a colour.