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Furniture Clinic Luxury Pillow Protector Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Furniture Clinic Luxury Pillow Protectors offer exceptional levels of comfort and 100% effective protection from dirt and staining.

Luxury Pillow Protector

Luxury Pillow Protector

Incredibly comfortable Luxury Pillow Protector with coral fleece top and breathable waterproof layer.


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About the product

Just like mattresses, pillows endure the same spills, soiling, accidents and dust mite infestations if not properly protected. By applying a Mattress Clinic Luxury Pillow Protector you ensure that you not only protect your pillows, but enjoy a healthier, more comfortable nights sleep.

Mattress Clinic's range of Luxury Pillow Protectors offer;

  • A perfectly soft, Coral Fleece top
  • 100% protection from staining
  • Breathable structure, helping to regulate body temperature
  • Anti-Allergy & dust mite barrier
  • Machine washable material that can be tumble dried
Ultra Soft Coral Fleece Top - Standard with all luxury waterproof mattress protectors

Uncompromisingly Comfortable

Our Luxury Pillow Protectors come with an incredibly soft Coral Fleece top for a perfect nights sleep

Suitable For:

Mattress Clinic Luxury Pillow Protectors are suitable for the following sized pillows:


King Size



Luxury Pillow Protector Suitable Size - Standard Tick


Luxury Pillow Protector Suitable Size - King Cross


Luxury Pillow Protector Suitable Size - Body/Bolster Cross


48cm x 74cm


48cm x 91cm


48cm x 137cm

(48cm x 74cm is by far the most common pillow size in use in the UK)

Coverage & Shelf Life:

If cared for correctly your Pillow Protector should last for at least 10 years.

Our Mattress Protectors come with a 10 year guarantee!
To reflect our confidence in the longevity of our protectors, each comes with a 10 year guarantee


Applying our Pillow Protectors is simple, just ensure that your pillow is the standard (most common) size, as indicated on the product page, purchase your protector and and fit over the top of the pillow with the coral fleece side facing out. Apply pillow cases directly over the top of the Pillow Protector. For detail on care and maintenance, see below:

General Tips

  • Apply the Pillow Protector as soon as you recieve it or as soon as you place any new pillow on your bed

Washing/Drying Instructions

  • Wash your protectors as often as you would like, but we reccomend doing this with every bedding change or after any spillages or incidents to maintain a good level of hygene
  • When Spillages do occur, blot up any stains as quickly as you can with an absorbent cloth or towel
  • Luxury Pillow Protectors are machine washable, and can be tumble dried. Do not exceed 90°C when washing
  • Recommended temperature for washing is 40°C or 70°C to sterilise
  • Do not use spray on stain removers, cleaners or similar products
  • Do not use bleach, bleach alternatives or detergents containing bleach
  • Do not dry clean
  • Never tumble dry the protector alone, always mix with linens or towels and dry on a medium heat
100% Waterproof Mattress Protectors, breathable thermoplastic layer.

Repels Stains While Allowing Airflow

Our Pillow Protectors provide a 100% waterproof, yet breathable, barrier. Ensuring your pillows are 100% protected from dirt and staining, while also allowing air to flow around the body, helping to regulate body temperature while you sleep.

Luxury Mattress Protectors Come With Soft Coral Fleece Top

Ultra-Soft Coral Fleece Top

Our Luxury Pillow protectors all come with an ultra-comfortable Coral Fleece top. While the thermoplastic layer acts to provide total protection, the Coral Fleece top ensures exceptional levels of comfort.

Luxury Mattress Protectors also provide a dust mite barrier

Dust Mite Barrier

Dust mites live both on unprotected mattresses and pillows, thriving on the shed skin and moisture the body provides while sleeping. The mites and their faeces are a major cause of asthma, eczema and rhinitis. Protecting your pillow helps to cut off their food supply and prevents a build up from occuring.


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