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Furniture Clinic Liquid Leather Degreaser Leather Care Kit
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Product description: A liquid degreaser used to remove the build up of grease instantly from leather.

Liquid Leather Degreaser

Liquid Leather Degreaser

Instantly removes grease from leather

  • Removes grease stains incredibly quickly
  • Easy to apply, simply wipe on with a cloth
  • Completely hassle free, no messy residue to clean up
  • Amazingly fast acting, cutting job times down significantly  

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About the product

The Liquid Leather Degreaser is a powerful product, developed specifically for tackling greasy areas. It is incredibly effective at removing grease stains from leather, with a special blend of solvents that work to break the grease down for easy removal.

For heavily greased areas:
On both pigmented and absorbent leathers, the degreaser should be applied first to break down the grease. Our standard Leather Degreaser (gel form) should then be used to draw the grease out of the leather, using the Liquid Leather Degreaser first in this manner allows the grease to be drawn out much more effectively than when using the gel form degreaser on its own.

For lighter areas/surface grease:
the Liquid Leather Degreaser will remove the grease incredibly quickly, without the need for any additional products or procedures. Just use absorbent cloth to apply the product to the affected area and watch the grease disappear!

Whether light or heavy grease, no matter what the type of leather you are working with, all of this equates to valuable savings in both time and money for the busy professional, with the highly effective nature of the product ensuring that there is no compromise on quality.

Suitable For:

Leather SofaLeather Car Interior and Car SeatsHandbagLeather Shoes, Boots or FootwearLeather Jacket or Clothing

The Liquid Leather Degreaser can be used on all different articles of leather, from furniture and car interiors to clothes, shoes, handbags and even equestrian leathers. 

Aniline & Semi-Aniline Leather
Pigmented Leather
Oil & Wax Pull Up Leather
Two Tone, Mottled & Antique Finished Leather
BiCast Leather

Coverage & Shelf Life:

Liquid Leather Degreaser is a solvent based product and must be stored with the lid tightly fastened in a cool, dry environment. If stored in this manner it has a shelf life of years and will not go off.

250ml is enough to thoroughly degrease an average sized armchir.

1 litre is enough to degrease the head and arm rests on a full three piece suite.


Liquid leather degreaser will eliminate any surface grease and thin any contamination that may have penetrated deeper below the surface of the leather, making it easier to extract with the paste form Leather Degreaser.  See below for directions for use:

Pigmented, Aniline & Semi Aniline Leathers: 

  1. Clean the leather thoroughly with Leather Ultra Clean.
  2. Remove the pigmented surface with Leather Prep, exposing the bare (aniline) leather underneath.
  3. Apply a generous amount of the Liquid Leather Degreaser to a cloth and rub in a circular motion, working from the outside to the inside of the affected area. Applying heavy pressure to the cloth will assist in the removal of any surface grease.
  4. For light surface grease, this is often sufficient to completely remove the contaminant from the leather, for areas that have contamination below the surface of the leather, the longer you repeat this process, the fewer applications of the Leather Degreaser paste will be required.
  5. Do not allow the treated area to dry before applying the Leather Degreaser paste.
  6. Apply the Leather Degreaser paste as normal (this acts as an indicator to confirm whether all of the grease has been removed from the leather and will draw out any remaining grease).
  7. Repeat the process from steps 3 to 6 until there is no more grease being absorbed into the powder as the paste form Leather Degreaser dries (should dry completely white if no grease remains).
  8. Once the grease has been removed the leather will also need to be re-coloured and re-finished using Leather Colourant and Leather Finish.


Pull-up Leather:

  1. Clean the Leather first with Leather Ultra Clean.
  2. Apply a generous amount of the Liquid Leather Degreaser to a cloth and rub in a circular motion to the small part of the affected area. Applying heavy pressure to the cloth will assist in the removal of the grease.
  3. Continue to work the liquid leather degreaser to the rest of the affected area, working from the outside towards the middle, until you have treated the entire area.
  4. Leave to dry and repeat the process until the dark, grease stained area becomes lighter, indicating that grease and colour have been removed by the Liquid Leather Degreaser
  5. The leather can now be re-coloured using the Leather Re-Colouring Balm.


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