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Furniture Clinic Leather Glue SB Leather Care Kit
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Product description: A solvent based, quick drying glue used for repairing damages to leather and sticking leather.

Leather Glue SB

Strong, quick drying and very flexible solvent based Leather Glue.

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About the product

An easy to use, strong and flexible Solvent Based Glue used for gluing leather.

  • Excellent for cosmetic repairs
  • Can be used to glue leathers together and for gluing leather to other materials
  • Extremely strong
  • Sets naturally in minutes but strengths over 24 hours

Leather Glue SB should be stored in a warm environment and never exposed to temperatures less than 5oC. If the glue gets colder than this it will become thick and hard to work. 


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super leather glue

An excellent product.. highly recommend.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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