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Skilled technicians using long-lasting proven techniques


SOver 20 years of experience in carpentry & repair

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Client 1: Complete leather sofa restoration

Uniquely manufactured and supplied by ourselves in the UK, we bring you industry leading and renowned products, coupled with a first class repair service widely used by retailers, manufacturers and insurance companies.  We are also proud to offer this unbeatable combination directly to the general public.

client 2: change the colour of leather sofa completely

Our unique and widely tested repair products have been developed over the years and are founded in our specialist knowledge and expertise in the leather industry.  We are proud of our continuous research and product development - keeping us at the forefront of the industry and allowing us to offer you the best quality and results at all times.

most repairs can be undertaken in your home - offering immediate results. more complex repairs are handles in one of our nationwide specialist service centres

We can even replace and precisely colour match entirely ruined panels/sections!

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