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Furniture Clinic Leather Dye Leather Care Kit
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Product description: A super concentrated leather dye used for restoring faded aniline leathers and to dye new leather. Choose Leather Dye for professional results.

Leather Dye

Leather Dye

A highly concentrated leather dye. For repairing and recolouring you'll need our colourant kit leather dye

NOTE: This is only for leather that has never been coloured. To restore or re-colour furniture, car interiors, etc. you'll need our specially created Leather Colourant Kit.

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About the product

Leather Dye has two purposes;
1. It can be used to restore the colour to old & faded aniline style leathers or,
2. It can be used to create new hand dyed leather.

Leather Dye Before & After

Pull Up Style chaise lounge restored using Leather Dye and finished with Protection Cream for a waxy feel and natural look

Wing Back Chesterfield

Beautiful Wing Back Chesterfield, traditionally hand dyed using Furniture Clinic Leather Dyes

The product is supplied at a very high colour concentration so the depth of colour is very powerful once applied to the leather. It is therefore advisable that when you have matched the colour of the leather to be dyed, that you thin the dye down in a ratio of 3:1 with water (3 parts water, 1 part dye). The mixture can then either be strengthened (add more dye) or weakened (add more water).

Black Dye

Heavily faded black leather being restored by hand

The Leather Dye is water based, which allows it to be thinned with water and so is non-hazardous and non-harmful.

Best results are achieved by hand application with a cloth or sponge, as penetration into the leather is better. However the colour can be sprayed on for a more even coverage.

Once applied to the leather, the dye should then be fixed into place by applying the Dye Fixative. This product combines with the dye to form a larger and insoluble complex molecule, which restricts the dyes ability to re-dissolve in damp or wet conditions, making it less likely to stain or migrate.

Dyed And Sealed Sofa

A dyed and heavily sealed leather sofa heavily faded by the sun. To make the leather dye soak in, we remove the original lacquer, apply the dye and then re-seal in with Leather Finish to restore the original look & feel. As indicated on the left hand side of this photo.

Afterwards, the Dye can then be further sealed in with the application of;

Leather Finish - This will give the leather a smooth silky feel, with maximum protection.

Leather Protection Cream - This will give the leather a waxier feel with the least protection.

This product is not for amateur use. Its main purpose is for the restoration of faded analine style leathers (leathers that are absorbant). To fix the majority of damages to leather we recommend using the leather colourant.

Colour Chart


Black NT


Brown G

Brown NR

Brown NR


Orange GL

dark blue

Dark Blue

Dark Green N

Dark Green N

Olive Brown N

Olive Brown N


Red 2B

Scarlet R

Scarlet R

Turquoise Blue GBT

Turquoise Blue GBT

Yellow R

Yellow R


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