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Furniture Clinic Leather Binder Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Thin liquid filler used for fixing minor scuffs on a leather surface. Is also ideal for creating a strong base when repairing heavily cracked leather.

Leather Binder

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Leather Binder

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Thin liquid used to strengthen heavily worn & cracked leather

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About the product

Leather Binder has two main uses,

  1. To apply to heavily cracked leather prior to using flexfil to strengthen the surface and aid repairs.
  2. To fix small imperfections in the leather such as scuffs scratches.

Leather Binder is a thin liquid that can be used to strengthen leather where the surface has broken causing the leather to crack and become brittle. The binder soaks into the leather fibres holding them tightly together creating a much stronger leather structure. This stronger structure greatly improves the tensile strength of the leather, which makes repairing leather easier and gives better end results. This was tested on a split hide that could easily be torn by hand, but when we coated it with the leather binder, we were unable to tear the leather afterwards.

Why is this important?

It gives you the confidence that when you make a repair you know it will last. For instance, if you just used the flexfil you would get a great repair but it might not last. Not because the flexifil isn’t good enough, but because the leather beneath it is weak – it is the leather that might tear open, not the filler. By using the Leather Binder first, you guarantee yourself a much longer lasting repair.

The Leather Binder also makes sanding worn leather possible. By strengthening the fibres you can sand leather down that would otherwise have gotten worse as you sanded it.