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How to Clean Leather

Step by Step Guide: Simple Steps for Cleaning Leather

How To Clean Leather - Leather Cleaner

To clean leather you need to use Leather Ultra Clean. This is a very effective cleaner that deep cleans into the grain removing all dirt and grime from leather. Safe to use on all leather types except suede & nubuck, with outstanding results.

When cleaning leather, it is always best to clean leather with a foam, rather than a liquid. Cleaning leather with foam is safer as it reduces the chances of bleach type marks and streaks, more importantly though, foam cleaning leather is a lot more effective than using liquids.

How to clean leather guide 2 - Applying Leather Cleaner

Step 1:

Spray the Leather Ultra Clean onto a sponge and agitate it to create foam. Always spray the cleaner into a sponge and not directly onto the leather. A Foaming Bottle can be used to create foam for you.

Rub the sponge into the leather in a circular motion to loosen the dirt. As the dirt is removed, the foam will absorb it stopping it from being transferred around the leather. Simply wipe the foam away with a cloth.

How to clean leather guide 3 - Clean Leather

Step 2:

Most leathers should clean very well with a sponge. However, if your leather is very dirty, light coloured and has dirt in the grain, you will find it much easier cleaning the leather with a Tampico Brush.

You can see the area we cleaned in this photo using the Leather Ultra Clean and a sponge.

After cleaning the next step is to protect & condition the leather.

Clean Leather - The Results

Cleaned Leather - Leather Ultra Clean

This photo shows a car interior where we have cleaned parts of the seat.

This sofa was very dirty and hard to clean. So to make cleaning leather easier, we used the Tampico Brush to work the dirt out of the grain.

How to clean leather - Example Image 2

This photo shows an off white leather couch cushion with ingrained dirt and grime.

The leather has been cleaned along the stitch lines to show the effectiveness of the leather cleaner.

You can also see that as leather gets dirty, it can become slightly shiny. Giving the leather a good clean removes the shine and the dirt.

Leather Cleaning - Example image 3

This ivory colour car seat has been cleaned on the left hand side.

Again, you can see that the dirty leather on the right is shiny. Giving the leather a thorough clean removes the dirt and removes the dirty shine.

If leather your is naturally shiny the cleaner will not remove the shine, it will restore it to its natural state.

It is an excellent car leather cleaner!


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1 month ago


I have a brown leather settee 18 months old and we have just noticed that the part where you rest your head has become black and oily, a really horrible look to it. Could you please advise what I need to do and use to bring my settee back to its original colour.Thankyou

1 month ago

Furniture Clinic

Hi Gareth The Leather Degreaser is a solution which you would paste onto the leather using a paintbrush. As the Degreaser dries it draws the grease and oil out of the leather. It dries as a white powder, except where it has absorbed the grease, in which case it dries brown, which helps you know whether there is any remaining grease. Once the Degreaser has dried it can be removed using a brush or vacuum cleaner. If there is a lot of grease in the leather it may take several applications to remove it all. Once the grease has been removed the leather may need re-colouring. To do this use a Leather Re-Colouring Balm or Leather Colourant Kit. To stop grease being absorbed again, use the Leather Protection Cream once every three months for thorough grease stain protection. I hope this helps. Kind Regards Duncan Ashurst Senior Sales Advisor

2 months ago

M Bird

I have a white 3 piece suite, which I was told only to use only water and a white terry towelling cloth to clean it, unfortunately where we sit looks grubby and I can't get it clean, what would you recommend

2 months ago

Furniture Clinic

Hi Marian I believe we have discussed this on the phone. You have purchased the Leather Care Kit and Tampico Brush, together with some additional cloths and sponges. We decided that these will be the best products to remove ground in dirt and grime. Kind Regards Duncan Ashurst Senior Sales Advisor

3 months ago

Gill Cooke

Have purchased your leather ultra clean to use on a white bar stool that has been marked by someone wearing jeans. The stains haven't gone - any suggestions please.

3 months ago

Furniture Clinic

Hi Gill Have a look at our Leather Stain Remover ... https://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/Leather_Stain_Remover It is the perfect product for removing dye transfer stains from leather. To help prevent future staining and to make leather easier to clean, apply Leather Protection Cream once every three months. If this is done, future stains will wipe off easily using a damp cloth or the Leather Ultra Clean. I hope this helps, Kind Regards Duncan Ashurst Senior Sales Advisor

7 months ago

Sandra Warner

I have an orange leather sofa and the leather is dirty and scuffed in places. Can you tell which of your products I would need. many thanks

7 months ago

Furniture Clinic

HI Sandra. We have a Leather Care Kit which is great for cleaning leather. It comes with 500ml each of Leather Ultra Clean and Leather Protection Cream. The Ultra Clean is a general cleaner which will remove any dirt and grime from the leather’s surface. It’s a mild cleaner so is safe to use even on aniline leather (which is absorbent and notoriously difficult to clean). You may find that on aniline leather, or very light coloured leather with a heavy grain, that you also benefit from using the Tampico Brush, as this will help to remove the dirt/grime which is trapped within the grain. The Leather Protection Cream is used after cleaning to add an additional protective layer to the leather to help protect against spillages and make the leather easier to clean in future. It even contains UV inhibitors so is ideal for furniture in conservatories or near windows and for car interiors. We’re quite proud of the fact that the Leather Ultra Clean was voted the best leather cleaner in Classics Monthly Magazine’s test of 14 leather cleaners. It was, in fact, the first product ever to be scored 20/20 in one of the magazine’s product reviews; which just goes to show it really is as good as we say it is! Leather Care Kit: http://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/Leather_Care_Kit.htm Tampico Brush: http://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/Tampico_Brush.php Sponge & Cloth Bundle: http://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/Sponges_Cloths.php I hope this helps, Kind Regards Duncan Ashurst Senior Sales Advisor

11 months ago


hi is this product suitable for hide. My sofas have shiny grease marks in the areas where people rest their heads. Ive tried other leather cleaners and it just darkens the mark.

11 months ago

Furniture Clinic

Hi Marianna We make a product specifically for removing grease stains from leather ... https://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/Leather_Degreaser Once the grease has been removed the leather may need re-colouring. To do this use a Leather Re-Colouring Balm or Leather Colourant Kit. To stop grease being absorbed again, use the Leather Protection Cream once every three months for thorough grease stain protection. I hope this is helpful.

2 years ago

Sue Emmerson

Hi is the leather restoration kit suitable for use on a nubuck leather suite please and will it work? Thanks

1 year ago

Furniture Clinic

Hi Unfortunately this is not suitable for nubuck.

2 years ago

John and Mary

we have just received our leather cleaning kit and couldn't wait to try it. It is brilliant! Thank you so much. Ordered it on Thursday was delivered by Saturday very easy to order and easy to clean our suite, Big thumbs up from us. We have tried lots of leather cleaning products none beats this one.

3 years ago


Hi I have just brought a light brown Italian leather settee and was wondering what I could use to clean it as there is what looks like body oils and is drab and dirty thanx

3 years ago

Furniture Clinic

Hi. To give the leather a good general clean I would recommend the Leather Care Kit. However, for the oils specifically I would recommend the Leather Degreaser as this draws the grease and oil out of the leather.

3 years ago


I think you are spot on with your cleaning methods but how do you clean the stitching on a white leather couch, the stitching on mine is gone from white to nearly black. Joy

3 years ago

Furniture Clinic

Fabric Cleaner & Spotter is the best thing to use to clean the stitching but if it's gone from white to black it would be unlikely that you'll get it to white again.