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How To Change The Colour Of Leather Car Seats

How To Change The Colour Of Leather Car Seats

How To Change The Colour Of Leather Car Seats

This guide will show you how to change the colour of a leather car seat. We will be changing the colour of this car interior from red to cream, but it is possible to change to any colour you want. A colour change can be made from any colour to another, i.e. black to white, or white to black, with just as successful results.

The leather colourant kit used in this guide can be used to change the colour of all leather, vinyl, plastic, PVC & leather cloth car interiors.

How to change the colour of leather car interior guide - Rolls Royce Red Seats Before Colour Change

This photo shows a red leather car seat from a Rolls Royce. This guide will show you how to change the colour of the leather car interior.

Products Required:

How to change the colour of leather car seats - Prepping the leather seat

Step 1. Prep the leather

The first stage is to prep the leather using an abrasive pad. This process removes the transparent manufactured finish applied to leather. Removing the finish allowing colour to properly adhere to the leather.

As shown in the photo, as the finish is removed, so is the colour (but not all the colour). Basically, when you remove some colour form an area, that indicates the finish has been removed, and so, you can move onto the next area.

How to change the colour of a leather car interior guide - Wipe off the leather colour

Once you have prepped an area with the abrasive pad, you often get a lot of prep and colour sitting on the surface. This is very common with old Rolls Royce, jaguar, Bentley, Aston Martin and other cars that used Connolly leather.

So, we wipe the leather with a cloth to remove the excess prep & colour. This tends not to happen as much with modern cars (1980's +) as the way leather was made changed, becoming more resilient against the prep. Not to worry though, it doesn't affect the end result!

How to change the colour of leather car seats - Prepped leather car seat

The photo to the left shows what the leather should look like after being prepped. You can see where the colour has almost completely been removed in the middle flutes of the seat. Notice that the shine has also gone making the leather look more matt. This is the main indicator of correctly prepped leather (no shine), as the colour will not always be removed.

Leather is painted, that is how a wide variety of colours are achieved. When leather becomes old, it looks as though it cracks, but most of the time it is actually the paint that is cracked, not the leather itself. When you prep the leather, the painted layer is either removed or reduced greatly (as shown in the above picture) and so all the cracks are removed as well. This makes for a very smooth finish and excellent end result.

How to change the colour of a leather car interior - Alcohol Cleaning the leather seat

Step 2. Clean thoroughly with Alcohol Cleaner

Using a cloth, wipe the leather down with the alcohol cleaner. This process removes any waxes, oils or silicones that may be on the leather. Removing these gives better adhesion of colour.

As you can see so far, like any job, preparation is the key to success. Take your time when doing it and your end results will be great. Its not a hard job to do - it can just be quite time consuming!

How to change the colour of leather car seats - Filling the cracks

Step 3. Fill any remaining cracks with Flexifil

After prepping the leather, there may still be a few small cracks in the leather. These are fixed by spreading the Flexifil over the leather with a pallete knife. The filler only sits in the cracked leather. After applying a layer, leave for 5-10 minutes to dry. Build the flexifil up in thin layers until all cracks are filled to be level with the surface of the leather.

The leather should then sanded smooth using fine 1200 grit sand paper.

How to change the colour of a leather car interior - Changing the colour of leather

Step 4. Sponge on the first layer of colourant 

Once the leather has been properly cleaned and all repairs have been made, it is then time to apply the colour.

The first coat is applied by sponge. This is done to work the colour into hard to reach areas and to also minimise later spray applications. As you can see by the photo, the colourant used is highly concentrated and so, changes the colour of the leather quickly.

How to change the colour of leather car seats - Half colour changed leather

This photo shows roughly what the leather should look like after one base coat of colour has been applied.

When applying the base coat do not rub too hard for too long. Instead, applying gentle pressure, wipe the colourant onto the leather with a sponge.

To speed up drying use a hair drier and it should take no more than 5 minutes to be thoroughly dry.

how to change the colour of a leather car interior - Spraying the colour on

Step 5. Spray on the colourant & Finish

The next step is to spray the leather colourant onto the leather using the airbrush in the kit. To start with, spray the colour around the edges of the piping and in between the seat flutes.

This is covering the harder to reach areas first, which in the end, makes the job easier, and uses less colourant. Then proceed to spray the colourant on in thin coats over the seats until it looks nice and uniform. Always let the previous layer of colourant dry before spraying more on top.

After applying the colourant you should then seal it in with the finish. First spray on the Super-Seal, spray this on in 3-4 coats, then the Leather Finish should be applied. Spray on the leather finish in approximately 7-8 thin coats for best results. Always remember to leave time for each layer to dry before applying the next.

How to change the colour of leather car seats - Cream leather rolls royce seats

Finished Result

This photo shows the two front seats from the car, after a total colour change. We changed them to a specially selected cream by our customer and applied satin finish.


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1 month ago

Kevin Boyd

I have got a cream interior for my car but my car is silver. And I want to change ov them to silver or dark grey

1 month ago

Furniture Clinic

Hi Kevin. You can use one of our Colourant Kits to change the colour of your car interior. Have a look at the tutorial on the link below showing how it's done ... https://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/How_To_Change_The_Colour_Of_Leather_Car_Seats.php I hope this helps, Kind Regards Duncan Ashurst Senior Sales Advisor

2 months ago

Dave Stewardson

Hi, I wish to colour match some headrest to the seats, how do I go about getting the correct colour/shade? Thank you and kind regards Dave Stewardson

2 months ago

Furniture Clinic

Hi Dave. These are the car manufacturer colours we already have on file: https://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/Colour_Charts.php If you colour is not yet available, we also offer a colour matching service. In order to match the colour for you we would need sample of the leather. Usually with cars a small sample can be taken from under one of the seats, or anywhere else that there is a bit of overhang. Alternatively, if anything is removable such as a headrest or ashtray cover you are welcome to post that in and we will return it with the kit. Please be aware that there an additional £10.00 fee for the colour matching service. I hope this helps, Kind Regards Duncan Ashurst Senior Sales Advisor

5 months ago


can you please post to athens GREECE? the smallleather colourant kit..post code 15238

4 months ago

Furniture Clinic

Hi Costas. Due to recent changed in the CAA guidelines for the carriage of hazardous materials, we are no longer able to send this kit to Greece. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. Kind Regards Duncan Ashurst Senior Sales Advisor

7 months ago


Hi, if I change from a light colour to a dark colour will the colour come off onto my clothes when I'm sitting in the seats?

7 months ago

Furniture Clinic

Hi Chris. By using the colourant kit, and following the instructions, once the new colour and finishes have been applied, the leather should be colourfast. Kind Regards Duncan Ashurst Senior Sales Advisor

1 year ago

Nick Freeman.

I have some Blue leather seats from a 1960 p4 Rover which I require recolouring to a Beige There are 2 front seats and a bench back seat and armrests. Could you give me a quote on price. Regards, Nick Freeman

1 year ago

Furniture Clinic

For a quote, please contact your local branch: http://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/UK_Branches.php