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Furniture Clinic Heat Sealing Iron Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Heat Sealing iron is used for curing the leather & vinyl weld but it can also be used on models

Heat Sealing Iron

Heat Sealing Iron

Heat cures fillers for an instant repair.

The heat sealing iron heats up to 210°c to heat cure leather fillers within a minute.


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About the product

Thermostatically Controlled
Just move the dial thermostat to the desired temperature and it will maintain an even and constant heat.

Non Stick Coated
Ultra-tuff and high temperature resistant TeflonTM coating ensures long life. Allows iron to glide over covering material without scratching.

Only weighs 30g.

Custom Designed Shoe
A special shape at the tip of the shoe allows easier access between control surfaces and other hard to get areas.

Custom Designed Body
Unique glass filled nylon body provides added protection for the user from the heated shoe.

Ideal for all heat sealing applications. Iron comes ready to use, complete with plug.


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