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15th June 2006

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Removing stains on leather

I have a pair of Eames-style leather-and-chrome chairs. Unfortunately, the leather seats have got marked, one with a very noticeable coffee ring. How can I get rid of it, or at least make it look less obvious?

'The best cleaning material for leather upholstery is glycerine, or saddle soap,' says Stephanie Zia, our stain expert. 'But coffee stains are tannin stains, and soap sets tannin. For immediate spills, use water. After blotting the excess with kitchen towel, dampen a cloth with cool water and, working from the outside of the stain towards the centre, rub gently. Never pour water directly on to the stain and be careful not to saturate the leather. Dry at once with a dry cloth.

'If the stain has set use the Leather Stain Remover (£10, from furnitureclinic.co.uk, 0844 879 3691) removes all stains from leather, including dye transfers from clothes and cushions, and nasty spills such as nail varnish and paint. Never apply directly, though - depending on the size of the stain, dab gently with a cotton bud, a cotton-wool ball or a cotton cloth, rotating the cotton to stop the stain from spreading - as the stain is removed, the cotton will absorb it.'

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