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Furniture Clinic Grain Copier Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Specialist mixture used to take an imprint of a leathers grain pattern. The graining pad can then be used to emboss a grain pattern into a filler

Grain Copier

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Grain Copier

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Special mould to take an imprint of a leathers grain pattern

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About the product

Grain Copier is a two part silicone used for making Grain Pads. The product comes in two bottles: Base & Hardener. When mixed together the hardener activates the base causing it to set like rubber. If this mixture is poured onto the leather, when it sets, it takes an imprint of the leathers grain pattern. This mould is what we call a Grain Pad.


The grain pad can then be used in conjunction with the Leather & Vinyl Weld to emboss the grain pattern of the leather into the Weld.

Grain Copier 1

Pour the base into the ‘Mixing Cup’ to 15ml.

Grain Copier 2

Pour 5ml of hardener into the Mixing Cup.

Grain Copier 3

Stir together thoroughly and leave to stand.

Grain Copier 4

After 3 minutes pour onto the leather.

Grain Copier 5

Peel off when dry.



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