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Furniture Clinic Floor Protector Felt Pads – 27 Pack Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Multi pack of self adhesive felt pads used to stop furniture from scratching laminate, hardwood and all other kinds of flooring. Heavy duty felt pads.

Floor Protector Felt Pads – 27 Pack

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Floor Protector Felt Pads – 27 Pack

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Heavy duty felt pads used to protect flooring


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About the product

This is a most comprehensive selection of felt pads suitable for all shapes & sizes of furniture.

With an adhesive back these felt pads can be applied to chairs, sofas, tables, cabinets and all other types of furniture to stop the contact with your flooring, preventing scuffing, scratching, dent and chips.

A must have for anyone with hardwood, real wood, laminate, vinyl, plastic or cork flooring.