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Furniture Clinic Kale-9 Fabric Sprayer Leather Care Kit
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Product description: The Fabric Sprayer is used to apply fabric care products such as fabric cleaner & spotter or fabric protector to larger fabric items such as three piece suites, larger furniture or carpets

Kale-9 Fabric Sprayer

Kale-9 Fabric Sprayer

Incredibly easy to use system for applying Fabric Protector to any large area of fabric.

With manual pressure and product release features and the substantial 6 litre capacity, the Kale-9 Fabric Sprayer is the perfect compromise between functionality and portability.


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About the product

  • Manual Compressed Air Sprayer
  • Perfect for applying Fabric Protector to large areas
  • Ideal for larger areas such as carpets, furniture and car interiors
  • Reduces time required to apply Fabric Protector significantly.

The Kale-9 is perfect for applying Fabric Protector to any large area of fabric. With manual pressure and product release features, it ensures maximum control while applying product. The substantial 6 litre capacity is the perfect compromise between functionality and portability, storing more than enough product for your average carpet, three piece or car interior, while remaining easy to store and transport.

Remarkably easy to assemble, the kit can be put together in just a few minutes by anyone, regardless of technical ability or DIY experience, without the need for any tools. 

Compact, portable, versatile and easy to use, the Kale-9 Fabric Sprayer is the perfect tool for protecting larger areas of fabric.

Suitable For:

The Kale-9 Fabric Sprayer is designed for jobs that require volume application and is therefore suitable for use on all larger fabric items including;


Furniture & Upholstery

Car & Vehicle Interiors

Coverage & Shelf Life:

The exact coverage provided depends entirely on the volume of product you fill the container with and the volume applied to a given area. But as a standard rule;

6 litres/Full tank is approximately enough to cover 240m²

3 litres/Half a tank should be sufficient to cover 120m²


Once assembled, the Kale-9 Fabric Sprayer is incredibly easy to use, simply follow the instructions provided;

1. Remove the centre pump using the handle and pulling in the direction indicated on the box.

2. Proceed to fill the storage vessel with Fabric Protector, up to a maximum of 6 litres.

3. Replace the pump and handle, then build pressure by lifting, then pushing down the handle, in a vertical motion, 20 times.

4. Set the nozzle on the end of the sprayer to the desired setting and begin to apply using the release trigger.


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