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Furniture Clinic release FabriCoat Upholstery Kit

Posted on August 7, 2014

by Furniture Clinic

Changing a sofa or car interior used to be consuming and expensive process, but Furniture Clinic have released FabriCoat Upholstery Kit, which contains everything needed to restore or change the colour of any fabric item.

The kit is available in a selection of standard colours, but in addition, Furniture Clinic's team of specialist technicians can match any colour for those with more specific needs, providing a uniquely tailored product.

The kit contains Fabric Cleaner and Spotter and a Tampico brush to clean the fabric thoroughly.

You will get a bottle of FabriCoat and of Penetrating Solution to mix as desired, and a FabriCoat sprayer for a neat and fuss-free application. A Fabric Protector is also included for after care which will help prolong the item's life and prevent future staining. You don't have to worry about the colour cracking or fading with FabriCoat, as once it's applied, it will last for years, or until you wish to change the colour.

This simple to use kit is designed for those who wish to update their interior but don't want, or can't afford to, get their fabric upholstered.

Seat Before and After

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