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Furniture Clinic Dye Fixative Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Applied to dyed leather, the dye fixative makes the leather less reactive to staining & water damage

Dye Fixative

Dye Fixative

Fixes the Leather Dye in place.

Once applied the Leather Dye becomes less reactive to water and staining. The Dye Fixative basically fixes the dye to the leather making it last much longer.

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About the product

The Dye Fixative is a thin liquid that once applied to dyed leather fixes the dye to the leather fibres making the dye less reactive to staining & water damage. Once applied, it combines with the dye to form a larger and insoluble complex molecule, which restricts the dyes ability to re-dissolve in damp or wet conditions, making it less likely to stain or migrate.

Ideally, this product should always be applied to leather after it has been dyed. The dyed leather can then be further treated with an application of Leather Finish or Leather Protection Cream.


The Dye Fixative is applied to the leather after the leather has been dyed. For best results, apply the fixative to the dyed leather with a sponge whilst the leather is still wet from the application of dye. The fixative can still be applied to dry leather, but the results are better when the leather is wet. Make sure to wet the dyed leather with the fixative equally all over, this will reduce chances of any dye migration.


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