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Mercedes Colour Chart


Graphite (001 SL)

Black (201)

Hazelnut Brown (204)

Almond Beige (205)

Aubergine (207)

Alpaca Grey (208)

Merlin Blue (212)

Porcelain (215)

Siam Beige (215A)

218A (218A)

Dark Blue (252)

Sahara Beige (255)

Espresso Brown (504E)

Alpaca Grey (718A - C-Klasse)

Anthracite (731)

Pebble Beige (735)

Savanna Beige (804P / 504E)

Bengal Red (807N / 507E)

Basalt Grey (808P / 508E)

Red Berry (827)

Nut Brown (854N / 554E)

Sand (X10)

Black (X11)

Pastel Yellow (X12)

Mauritius Blue (X16)

Classic Red (X17)

Royal Blue (X18)

Alpaca Grey (X19 / X21)

Yellowstone (X23)

Imperial Red (X24)

Linarite Blue (X26)

Orion Grey (X29)

Java (X30)

Chablis (X32)

Dark Brown (X34)

Light Brown (X35)

Silver (X38)

Mystic Blue (X40)

Bordeaux (X41)

Mid Grey (X44)

Copper (X45)

Ocean Blue (X46)

Silk (X47)

Grey Violet (X48)

Borneo (X66)

Lava Red (X73)

Please note that these colours are just a guide and may differ from monitor to monitor and the colour as it appears is used as a digital representation. All of the car colours on our charts are matched to an original colour swatch from the relevant manufacturer and are therefore accurate to the original colour applied to the leather interior.