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Jaguar Colour Chart

1948 - 1970 Jaguar Colour Range: All Models


Black (standard)

Dark Blue

French Blue


Cinnamon - Jag





Suede Green

Light Tan


1970's (plus some continued 60's colours) Jaguar Colour Range: All Models

Biscuit 70's

Black (standard)


Cinnamon 70's

Dark Blue

Deep Olive



Mandarin Red

1980's & 1990's Jaguar Colour Range: All Models

Biscuit (ADE)

Doeskin (AEE)

Magnolia (AEM)

Buckskin (AFR)

Barley (AFW)

Mulberry (CEM)

Parchment (HEZ)

Isis Blue (JEF)

Saville Grey (LDY)

Light Stone (LFE)

Silk White (NDW)

Coffee (SDC)

1990's - 2009 Jaguar Colour Range: All Models



Sand (ADX)

Heritage Tan (ADY)

Sable (AEK)

Oatmeal (AGD)

Antelope (AGE)

Almond (AGM)

Mink (AGN)

Terracotta (AMA)

Mocha (AMB)

Canvas (AMN)

Truffle (AMS)

Oyster (AMT)

Spice (AMV)

Cashew (APH)

London Tan (APJ)

Cranberry (CGT)

Rioja (CHJ)

Sage Green (HFA)

Catkin (HFX)

Pine (HFY)

Evergreen (HGX)

Navy (JMN)

Warm Charcoal (LEG)

Nimbus (LFJ)

Pewter (LGM)

Granite (LGP)

Regetta Blue (LGT)

Dove (LHJ)

Smoke Grey (LHY)

Stone (LJE)

Slate Blue (LJK)

Cream (NDR)

Ivory (NED)

Ebony Black (PVJ)

Cashmere (SDZ)

Barley (SEL)

Blonde/Lt. Sand (SEN)

Caramel (SEP)

2010 - Present Jaguar Colour Range: All Models

Antelope (AGE)

Canvas (AMN)

Oyster (AMT)

Red Zone (CJA)

Bordeaux (CJB)

Mineral (LAA)

Cirrus (LBM)

Light Stonebeige (SMK)

To order any of the colours above, navigate to the product page and type the name of the colour and/or the colour reference code into the box next to the "Add To Shopping Cart" button. Make sure to put the word 'Jaguar' before the colour name and code. Or call us on 0844 879 3691.

How To Locate your Jaguar Trim Code

1. Older models will have a circular yellow sticker attached to the right hand rear corner on the underside of the bonnet. Cars before 1980's (roughly).

2. Some models have a plate attached to the upper corner of the drivers door aperture, or the passengers door aperture. Cars 1980's +

JAGTrimWeb Jaguar Code Plate

This plate is used to identify the paint & trim codes for Jaguar cars.

It can be found in either the passengers or drivers door aperture. Or sometimes it is found under the bonnet at the front of the car (almost directly above where the registration plate is)

We need the 3 digit code as highlighted.

It is best to pick your colour based on the trim code or official colour name, rather than on how the colour looks on screen. This is because of differences in monitors and resolutions, which may cause the colour to look slightly different.

Please note that these colours are just a guide and may differ from monitor to monitor and the colour as it appears is used as a digital representation. All of the car colours on our charts are matched to an original colour swatch from the relevant manufacturer and are therefore accurate to the original colour applied to the leather interior.