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31st May 2009

On the 7th May 2009, the BBC TV series DIY SOS, presented by Nick Knowles, used one of our Leather Colourant Kits and Leather Degreaser to restore an old, worn and faded sofa purchased from ebay.

The purpose of the exercise was to show how leather can be restored to a new condition, or changed in colour to match a new decor. This is very relevant in this uncertain economic climate as the process can save an awful lot of money on replacement furniture, with the end result being as good as new.

The DIY SOS Team


Head Grease

Sofa to be restored

The Sofa: Before

As you can see the sofa is a faded tan colour and has heavy grease marks on the back where your head rests. The process of restoration is to clean the sofa down, remove the grease marks with the degreaser and then restore the colour.

Sofa After

Sofa in the house

The Sofa: After

Rather than restoring the colour to match the original, the designer (Julia Kendell) opted to change the colour of the sofa to a shade of green to better match in with the decor of the new house it was going in.

The whole process from start to finish was done in the back of the van that delivered the sofa and took one day to complete. The end result was fantastic and it fitted into the new room perfectly.


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