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Furniture Clinic Acid Wipe Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Used to reduce the alkalinity of leather before applying dye. This product not only helps the dye take better, but it also enhances the colour of the dye by creating a cleaner and lighter surface to be coloured

Acid Wipe

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Acid Wipe

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Increases the absorption of dye into leather

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About the product

The Acid Wipe is an acidic product used to reduce the Alkalinity of leather to help dyes bond better to the leather. Pre-treating the leather with the Acid Wipe helps achieve a richer and deeper colour when dye is applied and also helps create a more even coverage of dye.

It also has bleaching properties so it can lighten dark stains on aniline or pull up leathers so that they blend in better once dyed.


Mix the powder in a separate cup with hot water in a ratio of 1 part powder to 4.5 parts hot water. 

Using a clean cloth wipe the surface of the leather with the solution, be sure to cover all areas to be dyed equally. 

Leave to dry – this can take up to 2 hours and the leather will look slightly white & hazy as it dries. 

Wipe over with a cloth dampened in water to remove excess residue.

 Leather Dye can now be applied to the leather.



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