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99p Car Seats Transformed to Black Leather Beauties!

I have a Mazda MX5 Mk1 which had some grubby cloth seats and I wanted some nice leather seats. Unfortunately, these are around £500 a set for second-hand units. So I managed to win a pair of torn and dirty brown seats for an MX5 for only 99p on eBay. I bought the 'Leather Repair Kit' and the 'Black Satin Colour Change Kit' from Furniture Clinic. I studied the instruction video and the information provided. A few days work transformed the seats and now I'm extremely pleased with my slick black leather seats.

Posted By:

Martyn Game

Added this guide 50 years ago


Users Top Tips:

Watch the instruction video a few times


1. Holes repaired with the glue and filler

Used the patch provided to glue the holes and splits together and then filled them with the heavy duty filler. This needed to be built up slowly with small layers and I dried each application with (my wife's) hair drier to speed up the process. When everything looked OK I started the colour change and used the airbrush and compressed air cans. The cans had to be kept at the right temperature to work properly and the airbrush nozzle had to be cleaned a few times but it all worked well. I've never tried anything like this before but I was very pleased with the results.


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