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1975 Jaguar XJ 5.3 leather seats restore and color change

1 year ago I got a rare Vanden Plas seat group for my XJ, but the color was brown and the condition was "down".Searching the web I found the internet presence of Furniture Clinic and decided to restore and change the color to Jaguar dark blue. Works were done in my workshop. The result is impressive, unbelivable ! Skills are not a requirement, learn it by doing ! Christian

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Christian Weintz

Added this guide 51 years ago


Users Top Tips:

Take - if possible - a small nozzle and higher air pressure = better atomization for the Finishing coats

Pre-dye piping and stiching with a sponge for better reaching the low-lying areas

Fill up all scratches, cracks or irregular areas with Flexi-Fill, sand down the filled areas carefully to a smooth surface

Wipe down as much as possible of the old color by using the green 3M Scotch-Brite Abrasive Hand Pads

Have Fun by doing :-)


old color remove

1. Remove old color

The color of the leather surfaces was wiped down with Leather Prep. Impressive product !!!

filling cracks with Flexi Fill

2. Filling cracks

All the cracks were filled up with Flexi Fill and sanded after drying.


3. dye low-lying areas with a sponge

After cleaning with Alcohol Cleaner, all low-lying areas (piping, stiching etc.) were pre-dyed by hand with a sponge and dryed with the hot air gun.


4. dyeing

All surfaces, also vinyl parts were dyed with Leather Colourant and dryed with the hot air gun.


5. Finishing matt

Colored areas were spray with Leather Finish "matt". At lleast I repaeted the finishing and changed it to "satin" because satin was mor authentic to the original style of the Conolly Leather. The Finishing liquid is very thinn, like water. Take a small nozzle in your spray gun (0.5 mm) and more air pressure (2,5 bar) to have a max. atomization. I worked the spray gun in one hand , the hot air gun in my other hand - this worked fine.

Result: rear seats

6. Result: rear seats

The result of my first leather restoration was so impressive for me and I was more than happy to have now the luxury Vanden Plas seats fitting to the dark blue interior. Finally, the leather got a layer of Leather Protection Cream, polished out with a Microfiber cloth, which gives a decent shine.

Result: front seats

7. Result: front seats

The leather looks not re-colored or unnatural! It is like having a 40 years old seat but in Top condition. My personal resume - a perfect product line ! - easy to use - no skills required - superb result - highly recommended


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Peter Hilgenstock (6 years ago)

perfect work !

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