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How to Soften Leather

Softening leather isn’t a hard task and is easily achieved using Leather Revive, a leather oil designed to soften hard leather

Leather car seats dry out due to extreme highs and lows in temperature, the interior can become very hot during the day and then cool right down at night. This effect can slowly cause the natural oils in the leather to stiffen turning the leather hard. You can also notice the same effect on furniture where the sun shines on the leather all day, or where the leather turns hard when it’s been placed next to a radiator. Clothes, shoes & handbags all suffer from this effect and in this short article, I’ll be explaining exactly how to soften leather when it becomes hard.

Using a Leather Oil to soften leather

1. Clean the leather first. In order for the oil to properly penetrate the leather, you need to make sure it’s free of all dust, dirt and grime. For best results, use Leather Ultra Clean.

2. Furniture Clinic does an excellent Leather Oil called Leather Revive. This has been specifically designed to soften leather during the restoration process and so was designed with professional results in mind. This oil is also designed to be used on its own to soften leather.

3. Pour some Leather Revive onto the leather and massage in with your hands. Be sure to work the Revive right into the leather by scrunch and flexing the leather as much as you can. This process works the natural oils in Leather Revive though each fibre of leather guaranteeing proper and even coverage.

4. Using a Cotton Cloth, wipe a generous coating of Revive over the leather and cover in cling film. Allow to dry overnight.

5. Wash off any excess Revive from the surface using a cloth and the Leather Ultra Clean, it is very important that it is cleaned off throughly. Should any Oily residue remain, wipe down with our Alcohol cleaner 

This process ensures that the leather is treated with a balanced amount of leather oil and that all excess is properly removed afterwards. The first application will really soften leather, but if you still think the leather could be softer, just repeat the above instructions two or three times until you have the desired touch & feel, and you’ll no longer have hard leather!

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Leather Revive

Leather Revive

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